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Friday, January 28, 2011

Pregnancy Brain...

It definitely exists... please don't get me wrong. I'll be the FIRST to admit that I'm scattered brained as heck, and if I ever am organized and seem like I have it together, it's because I've freakin' busted my butt and probably have a dirty kitchen and piles of laundry spilling out of my laundry room at home. Organizational administration just doesn't come naturally. BUT... I have NEVER forgotten SO MANY important things in one day. Here's how Thursday went down:

- One of the sweetest boys in my class' birthday was on Thursday. I didn't think about it ONCE during the day until after school when I looked at my calendar for the next week to see who's birthday was coming up. I don't know if you remember being in 3rd grade or turning 9, but it's no small thing. We make a big deal of it. There's a birthday book, birthday song (which can be rapped, sung in opera, rocked out or sung underwater), special pencil and bookmark, and a large sombrero that gets to be worn around for a few glorious minutes. It's a day filled with fun and lots of attention. What third grader wouldn't want that?! Well... I blew it. I completely forgot about Benjamin's birthday and he just never said anything. Luckily I caught him before his mom picked him up and apologized and we'll be celebrating on Monday. (I was out Friday afternoon...)

-I walked out of school with everything BUT my purse. Drove halfway home then realized I didn't have ANYTHING that I needed. No cellphone, no wallet, no snack for the drive home. (Essential these days...) Sheesh.

-I got home around 6:30 or so, sat on the couch for a few minutes then had to get up to head to my missional community meeting. On the way there, I realized that I completely stood someone up at 4:30. Just plain did not show up. How horrible! I felt like a pretty terrible, horrible, no good, very bad human being. Even worse? I didn't have her phone number. We'd been communicating via email and my computer wasn't working and my husband took his computer with him to Dallas for a conference. Eesh. Luckily, the girl I was meeting with was super gracious and doesn't hate me.

Please tell me that this doesn't get worse...

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  1. Hehe...this made me laugh. Not at you, just at Pregnancy Brain. Thankfully it should only last 9 months. :) Love you!