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Sunday, November 27, 2011

One Reason I Haven't Blogged in 3 Months...

I blame my 3 month blogging silence on this little cheeser. Isn't she adorable? She gets cuter by the day.

Currently she is:
-Scooting and bellyflopping (moves her legs then flops on her belly to get her arms where she needs them to be to go forward.)
-Babbling and cooing with g- , m-, l- and oo- sounds.
-Proportional. At one point her head was in the 95th percentile and her weight and height were in the 75th. Currently her head and body are all in the 75th percentile. :)
-Feeding herself some finger foods. She's a pro at getting pieces of cereal into her mouth. Bite-sized grapes on the other hand, not quite as successful.
-Wearing mostly 9 month clothes.
-Reaching out for people she loves. [She loves lots of people. :)]
-Has a new bestie, Edgar the Border Collie. Papa Tyler finally relented and let us add a dog to our little family. Edgar is a little less than a year and has a super sweet disposition. Elle loves him and giggles anytime he comes close.

That's all the documentation for now. I'm going to do my best not to let another 1/4 of a year go by before I write out all the exciting things that are going on around here.

But, for now I'm going to enjoy the post bedtime silence and glass of wine with my husband.