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Sunday, March 13, 2011

35 Days...

That's the number of days (give or take a few) that we have until we meet the Little Bee.

To which I respond... WHAT?!

Tyler and I are so so very excited to meet this little one. But, oh my word, 35 days? It's leaving me feeling a bit like a deer caught in head lights. And the thought that realistically, she could come any day is stressing me out! It almost makes scheduling an elective C-section sound like a really good idea (although, that's not what i want to do). Thankfully, I can rest in the fact that I really can't be prepared for the life change that's about to happen. And that God knows the exact minute that she'll enter into this world, and He's completely trust-worthy. So there's that...

As for physically, I feel great! I hear that I can thank my long torso for this. I'm still measuring pretty small compared to other preggos, but I've been assured that this isn't reflective of the little one's size. Currently, I think she's still head down with her little bottom up near my rib cage and her legs curled up on the other side. Occasionally she'll do some yoga stretches and make my stomach look really strange. This thoroughly freaks the baby-daddy out. So I really love it when she does that :). But seriously, Tyler has been really great. He does things like buckle my shoes when he hears me grunting and panting to try to get them on correctly. Ha! Love that man.

Last weekend, some sweet, sweet friends threw me a few showers. I had a shower at school and a shower with friends and family in Austin. They were fabulous. Both of them! It's always a wonderful, (and slightly overwhelming) thing to be surrounded by the people you love most. (Overwhelming, because I want to sit down and chat with them all, but it's not always possible.) Elle's got almost everything she needs to be happy, healthy and cute when she makes her little debut. I'm so thankful for everyone that came!!

In other news, the nursery-nook is complete! I'll do my best to get some good, quality pictures up this week. I really love how it turned out. All Elle's sweet things have filled up our home and created a warmth that wasn't there before. And those are just her things! I'm excited about what adding a baby will do :)

I have a few posts that I need to do, so be looking for them this spring break:
-Crafts: A Crib/Changing Table Mobile
-Cooking: The Best Homemade Pizza. Seriously.
-Decorating: Elle's Nursery Nook
-Teaching: New Students...

I'll leave you with a belly picture...

Slowly but surely taking over the world,
Lauren and the Belly.

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  1. so sweet. that was a wonderful shower. hang in there, just a few more weeks!