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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Too Much...

I'm on day 3 of maternity leave with no baby. Here's how it's going:

Too much...

-time on my hands. I've vacuumed a couple of times. Cleaned our fridge and freezer. Mopped floors. Done every shred of laundry.

THERE'S NOTHING LEFT ON MY TO-DO LIST! So I'm making things up, like organizing our medicine cabinet and wash room.

-episodes of the Office that I've seen already 500 times.

Who am I kidding, I still love it.

-Harry Potter. (I'm rereading the series.)

-nesting. I've spent way too much money on things that I know Elle won't need. Some of the best advice I got was from Olivia: leave tags on everything and keep receipts. Definitely going to have to make some trips back to Target and Babies R Us to return some of my unnecessary purchases. :)

Glad my husband is gracious with me.

-trips to Dr. Seekers office. I've already been twice this week and come back with no baby. Dr. Seeker is a wonderful doctor and I know he's making his best guess at when the little Lovie will arrive but, on Monday he said, "If I were a betting man, I'd bet she'll be here by Wednesday. But let's schedule you to come in on Wednesday just in case." Today (Wednesday) he said, "I'm 90% positive she'll be here in 48 hours."

Mmmm... I love you Dr. Seeker, but I'm done getting my hopes up on your bets.

Does this post sound bitter? I'm really not. I'm genuinely enjoying my time off. Going on dates with my hubby, cooking him delicious dinners like this one. I also love that our house will be nice and tidy when Elle gets to come back with us. And I'm thinking about doing some baking today? See? I'm content.

But, I still really want to meet our daughter. There are so many unknowns, I'm ready to stop talking about them and actually struggle through them.

So, here's to our bags being packed, everything dusted and washed. And here's to our anxious hearts. May they wait patiently on God's timing for our daughter to make her entrance.

Cheers. :)


  1. And I will keep checking! I have to get your package in the mail.....maybe by the time she gets here your package will be at your house! You look great and sound great too! Can't wait to see pictures and of course, hear your mother's reactions to being a grandmother! Take care Lauren!

  2. Oh how I'd love to be there with you...we could watch all 10 seasons of Friends together and then you could teach me how to cook...

    Elle, I love you already...you're a girl after my own heart...late. :)

  3. Texted you today to see what was going on....didn't hear back, so I was hopeful you were at the hospital. Come on, Elle!! Your kids asked me today if you had the baby. I told them we'd tell them as soon as we know. Miss you!