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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

Wanted to take a quick moment to announce that we have a sweet baby GIRL on the way! After many tries of getting her to uncross her sweet little legs (Making mama and papa so proud of her prenatal modesty. haha.) we finally got to see that baby was a she! We also got to see her wiggle her little fingers and suck her thumb. (If you look below you can see her putting her little thumb in her mouth. Head is to the left, and her left thumb is on it's way to her little lips.) It was a blast:

Her name is Ellerbe. (It was my maiden name, and we loved it for a little girl's name thanks to Laura K. Gordon for the brilliant suggestion. And to the Engstrom's for their very effective pressuring on my husband to love it as much as we all did.) The nickname possibilities are endless, and I love that it carries on a name that was my identity for so long. I hope she doesn't hate us for all the... "How do you say your name? Where does that come from?" But loves us for our unique and meaningful choice. She's already starting to grow into it as we now refer to her as "Baby Elle" or "Baby B" (as in ellerBE)

Needless to say, I've already made a trip to Target to find SUPER cute baby clothes and can't wait to start the "nesting" process in getting our little home ready for her. I'm not a very frilly, bows and flowers kind of girl, so I'm excited to find some good, stylish neutrals for Ellerbe to lay her presh little head in. I'm sure I'll keep you posted on that process as I get more involved. First on the list:

-Paint a few extra pieces of old furniture we have.
-Find cute little knobs for said furniture.
-Pick out fabrics and patterns that I LOVE for baby B.

Things I may need lots of help with (ahem. Morgan Norris and Laura Gordon, my incredibly crafty friends and Lindsey Sandefur and Katie Ornelas... my wonderfully organized friends.)

-Ways to organize our little space to fit all her things.
-Making curtains.
-Making cute wall hangings.
-Utilizing our closet space.
-What to do about a changing table that we probably don't have room for and probably really need.

Happy Sunday to you all! Hope you got to fall back to sleep this morning when you realized it was an hour earlier than you thought. :)

Lauren and Baby Elle


  1. Congrats!! Sooo fun, and I love the name! I also, am into neutrals - my friends make fun of me for it. Oh well.

  2. I love the name! :) And don't you worry, I have already started scheming on the baby girl crafts! Let's go to a fabric store soon! Love you Lauren, Tyler and little B!


    In regards to your changing table dilemma:

    I remembered seeing this blog post where they doubled the dresser as a changing table. I think they attached two ribbons with snaps to the changing pad, and then two more snaps to the back of the dresser to safely attach it.

    Here is the post, the dresser is about half way down the page:

    P.S. I think the name Ellerbe is absolutely perfect!