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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mama

Happy Mother's Day! Here's just a few reasons I celebrate today:

1. My mama is super beautiful.

2. My mama is a sounding board for me. She listens to my aches, pains, joys, silly stories, and complaints. Laughs when I'm trying to be funny, puts me in my place when necessary, and is the only one who can heal my ailments with an "Oh, baby. I wish I was there to help you!"

3. My mama shares her life with me. She shares her hurts, struggles, joys and silly stories with me. She allows me to think through situations with her, pray for her, and laugh at her (when necessary) :)

4. My mama has always given and provided for my every need. I've never been in distress either financially or physically without my sweet mama dropping everything that's going on and her coming to my aid.

5. My mama has taught me what it means to care. Always. She's sacrificed herself not only for her children but for grandparents, great grandparents and whoever else was in need of a hug, a home, medical care. I will model my care of those in need after what she has done and modeled in my life time. There's a movie called "The Savages." It's an intense movie about kids who are caring for their sick father. Anyway... it's sad and full of neglect and obligation and as I watched it about a year ago... I thought to myself, "I will never be those kids, because my Mom has shown me what it means to care and sacrifice yourself so that someone else is loved and made much of."

6. My mama is probably the hardest working woman I know. She farms, she raises and breeds dogs, she's a dedicated wife, a medical transcriptionist, the best mom ever, housekeeper, and friend. I'm not sure where all the energy comes from and I'm sure she doesn't either some days. But she's pretty incredible.

7. My mama is hilarious. (Even if only to me.) And I'm pretty sure I'm hilarious only to her most of the time. We laugh together because I get her silly jokes and she gets mine (probably because I got them from her) and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

8. My mama is loved by God and I see her growing in her love and affection for Him every time we talk. I'm so thankful to see this and pray that it continues to grow as she grows in her knowledge of who Jesus says she is-accepted and loved because she is His sweet creation, not by any merit of her own.

So here's to all the reasons I celebrate you today, Mama! You are so worth every joyful thought God gives me of you. I'm so thankful for you. Sad I couldn't be with you today, but I know that you know that I'm celebrating you from this couch with my ankle propped up on a pillow. You are dearly loved and greatly appreciated for all that you do and will continue to do for me.

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. I can tell you are your mother's daughter. You have so many of those same traits that you got from your mama. It has been a blessing to work with you this year and see Him and your mama at work in you.