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Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little love bug.

One year ago this was happening.

Now I'm chasing Ellerbe Anne around and playing like there's no tomorrow. What a fabulous little miracle she is.

Before having her in my life I was of the mentality that kids were awesome. Incredible in fact. But it stemmed from the thought that it would be a great thing to do. To work and strive to do my best to depend on Jesus and raise a little girl that loved Him and desired Him above all else.

Well, that is definitely part of why my little love is so wonderful. BUT. It's so much more. She's not just a task given to me to complete. But a gift given in love to enjoy.

Ellerbe Anne, you are so wonderful because you are just a really good, sweet gift given to me by a kind, good, caring Father in heaven. With that in mind, I will do all that I can to teach you how good God is and how worth it it is to center all of your life around Him.

We had one killer party for her 1st birthday party. It was simple and so much fun. (Let's be honest, the party was really for the adults.) Here are a few snapshots of our fun filled day.

 Daddy and the big 1 year old.

 Saying hello to her sweet friends, Brooks. 

It was a pretty happening party.

That's a lot of babies.

Leah, Caroline, Katie and little Caroline made it out. Love these ladies!

Her birthday mobile. Girl rides in style.

Presents. Hudson was SUPER excited about all of them.

Gigi McBride came out to celebrate too! She was my sweet sweet coworker at Parmer Lane Elementary whom I love dearly :)

Liv and the little ladies. I think Elle was a bit overwhelmed.

GG, Daisy, Hudson and Elle. Love that they were partying on the blanket together.

Pretty cakes and cupcakes from Belly's Bakeshop. (If you're in the DFW area, check her out. Lucky for us, Aunt Kailey drove them down. Thanks Aunt K!)

Smash Cake!

She cried when everyone cheered after she busted into her cake. 

Daddy had to show her how it's done.

Emmy was sneaking cupcakes. She's crafty with her sweets.

Happy Birthday, sweet little one. Thank you for being such a tangible picture of God's intense love for His children and for poignantly illustrating the infinite sacrifice of giving His Son. You are a beautiful gift.


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  2. Love everything about this post. Sad I missed this sweet day but the pictures you took were too adorable. Love you and the precious little gift from God, baby Elle :)