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Sunday, November 27, 2011

One Reason I Haven't Blogged in 3 Months...

I blame my 3 month blogging silence on this little cheeser. Isn't she adorable? She gets cuter by the day.

Currently she is:
-Scooting and bellyflopping (moves her legs then flops on her belly to get her arms where she needs them to be to go forward.)
-Babbling and cooing with g- , m-, l- and oo- sounds.
-Proportional. At one point her head was in the 95th percentile and her weight and height were in the 75th. Currently her head and body are all in the 75th percentile. :)
-Feeding herself some finger foods. She's a pro at getting pieces of cereal into her mouth. Bite-sized grapes on the other hand, not quite as successful.
-Wearing mostly 9 month clothes.
-Reaching out for people she loves. [She loves lots of people. :)]
-Has a new bestie, Edgar the Border Collie. Papa Tyler finally relented and let us add a dog to our little family. Edgar is a little less than a year and has a super sweet disposition. Elle loves him and giggles anytime he comes close.

That's all the documentation for now. I'm going to do my best not to let another 1/4 of a year go by before I write out all the exciting things that are going on around here.

But, for now I'm going to enjoy the post bedtime silence and glass of wine with my husband.


  1. Welcome back! :) She has gotten so big, and so cute!

  2. I love that picture! Sounds like you are having a blast!!